Gave up

हार ना मान

How could I gave up?

When my dream is still unture and waiting to become reality

Blood is running in my corpus and saying to get up and fight back

Every sunrise inspire me make me stronger with each rays

So How couldn I give up?

After thousands of cyclones ocean is still ocean

Hunderds of wounds I’m still alive

Nor my breath goes away nor my goals

So how could I gave up on them

May be I will not become hero yet I love to be called fighter

This world of your allow to pass judgements but I’m not accept it’s servility

When full of river flowing before me, to make human being a happy one

How could I gave up on this life?

Hide in light

See you again it’s a hope so,

Don’t say goodbye instead of see you again on my closed doors

When you going to met another world add our memories in your buckets

I promise to wait on vast ocean. will you promise me for return?

Time change season so and I stand on sand

May be tomorrow you will not found me beside you, may be we will not able share same dining table, may be we will not choose same path too

Yet don’t be afraid I’m always with you as stars on sky


कुछ तो है इन रास्तों पर, पहाडों के पीछे

There is something, something behind this mountain

May be my other version, I just need to cross it and find her

May be a beautiful City which make me more strong than now

May be a river which remind me deepness of my heart

May be a story which needs my words

But I’m afraid what if I found a alone world there too

What if my other version is dreadful

What if Something something horrible on other side

That’s doubts kept me imprisoned me

In this struggle my little heart replied take a step look at other side .

I’m always with you no matter it’s horrible or beautiful

So keep going on alone roads behind the mountains these something,


Everything is OK

Everything is on my hand

That’s why everything is OK

Everything is good, everything is right

I’m still alive boold run in my body and my heart beating in left

No question no need of answer I’m good enough with my confusion

Yesterday, tomorrow all go away this now is my own

Burning sun is too hot for me. Lightfull moon seem whole alone

This night a lamp is enough for me

Call me angle or a devil by my face but let me human by my deeds

I’m nothing more than a mystery for myself as sky for others

But still everything is good everything is right.

Welcome life

Welcome life on this amazing land of magic

Where you will see a hug of darkness and light

Sky, stars, sun and moon will be your best friend they never leave you alone even a second

Rain, winter, autumn, spring and summer are gifts of years for you

Welcome life on this blue green planet called earth

Where you would admire deep ocean, altitude of mountains and dense forest

Different color, sound and roads will fell by you

Days, nights, tears and smiles will come and go on same way never mind them

Welcome life on the land of sky


When sunrise again on our dark land

We will sit on mountain and fill our eyes with the greatness of nature

You know_This rain felt so cold as last summer

But where we had been played chess, sang, danced, laughed

Without even thinking about coldness We just enjoyed that moment

Now that season changed, you gone on your way in search of yourself

Again I’m here alone in wait of good days

When you suddenly knock at my door and said ” let’s go towards mountain “

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